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Mocha Cream Lip Balm

Mocha Cream Lip Balm

I was given a task: make lip balm with coffee butter. I love coffee, so this task gave me great joy! I went to our past blog posts to find a few lip balm recipes and see what inspired me. When I ran across this blog Andee wrote in 2016, I got all excited. I love the idea of a two-tone lip balm!

Our coffee butter has the most delicious aroma!

Since I was using Coffee Butter, which is a softer butter, I needed a brittle butter to make sure my lip balm is firm. I chose Cocoa Butter. It’s brittle at room temperature, and chocolate and coffee go together so beautifully.

I had to add some Coffee Oil also to bump up the coffee aroma and flavor. I love Shea Butter in lip balms, so I put that on my list. I chose our High Melt Point Shea so it would not get grainy from being overheated. Castor Oil is a must in lip products! Andee picked Cherry Oil for me to round out the formula. And beeswax – can’t forget the beeswax! Sugar Baby Flavor will add some sweetness to tame that coffee bitterness.

For the cream center, I wanted to keep a white color, so I chose white beeswax, white cocoa butter, and switched the coffee butter for avocado butter.

Let’s gather what we need to make these treats for our lips!

Beeswax (yellow and light)
Coffee Butter
High Melt Point Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter (regular and white)
Cherry Seed Oil
Castor Oil
Coffee Oil
Sugar Baby Flavor
Natural Vanilla Oil
Lip Balm Filling Tray
Microwave-safe containers
Clear Lip Balm Tubes and clear Caps


Recipe in Percentages
Mocha Lip Balm (for outside ring)
20% Beeswax
10% Coffee Butter
15% Cocoa Butter, regular
26% Cherry Oil
15% Shea Butter, HMP
10% Castor Oil
2% Coffee Oil
2% Sugar Baby Flavor

Cream Center

20% Beeswax, light
10% Avocado Butter
15% Cocoa Butter, White
26% Cherry Oil
15% Shea Butter, HMP
10% Castor Oil
2% Natural Vanilla Oil
2% Sugar Baby Flavor
Recipe in grams (makes 22 grams)
Mocha Lip Balm (for outside ring)
4.4 gr Beeswax
2.2 gr Coffee Butter
3.3 gr Cocoa Butter, regular
5.7 gr Cherry Oil
3.3 gr Shea Butter, HMP
2.2 gr Castor Oil
0.44 gr Coffee Oil
0.44 gr Sugar Baby Flavor

Cream Center

4.4 gr Beeswax, light
2.2 gr Avocado Butter
3.3 gr Cocoa Butter, white
5.7 gr Cherry Seed Oil
3.3 gr Shea Butter HMP
2.2 gr Castor Oil
0.44 gr Natural Vanilla Oil
0.44 gr Sugar Baby Flavor

The setup and creation time is a lot more effort than regular lip balm, but I think it is so worth it! Even though I was only doing a small number, I put them in the lip balm filling tray for stability. I spaced them out so the tray would be balanced. I poured a tiny bit of lip balm into each tube, then I placed the straws in the center (right around the screw). The lip balm in the bottom helps hold the straw up. Then I melted the mocha blend and poured it around the outside. I’ll admit that I got the steps reversed and tried to begin by filling the straws instead of the outside. Oops! I only did two before I realized my mistake, so I gave them a few minutes to set up, then I squeezed the lip balm out of the straws and put in new straws.

Filling the outer ring with the mocha lip balm mixture.

Outer ring poured.

The three on the right were the second batch with more coffee oil.

After pouring the outer ring, I gave it a few minutes to solidify, then I gently pulled the straws out. I found that twisting the straws before pulling them out worked best. (I figured that out when I pulled a straw and the lip balm came with it!) Next, I melted the ingredients for the cream centers and used a transfer pipette to fill the centers. After the balm had hardened, I pulled the tubes out of the tray and scraped off the excess lip balm so the two-tone effect would be visible.

This lip balm is delicious! The coffee flavor is not overly strong, so if you want more of a coffee punch, you could double the Coffee Oil and subtract from the Cherry Oil. I think you could even take away some of the Sugar Baby Flavor Oil without changing the flavor too much.

I’m also thrilled with the texture. It’s nicely firm without being so stiff that it is uncomfortable to apply. The feel is incredibly smooth, and this balm has staying power. I liked it so much I collected all the little bits I scraped off the top and melted them into a little lip balm pot for my own use.

I made just six of these to begin, then I wanted to make more! They are simple and have such a neat result. But I felt like the coffee flavor was not quite strong enough, so I made some adjustments to just the mocha portion of the lip balm.

Finished tubes of my dual color Mocha Cream Lip Balm!

Finished tubes of my dual color Mocha Cream Lip Balm!

Since I wanted to deepen the coffee flavor, I made the following adjustments to the second batch (just the coffee flavor; the cream center stayed the same):

Increase Coffee Oil to 4%
Decrease Sugar Baby Flavor to 1%
Decrease Cherry Seed Oil to 25%

The second batch definitely has better color and coffee intensity. Andee may be the office Java Junkie, but I’m the remote version.

These would be an enjoyable craft for a group, and I bet they would be a bit hit in your product line if you sell. I love the idea of using clear lip balm tubes and caps so the product is visible.

Three cheers for coffee! I think I’ll have another cup to celebrate.

Would you use a different flavor if you made these? I think grape and lemon would be so cool!

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