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Pina Smoothie Soap

I love to make things. I am always doing, creating or dreaming up something new. The problem lies in time. I don’t have enough! I love to make things that are quick, easy and painless. The only painful thing I found about this soap is how delicious it smells when you are mixing it together. Who is ready for a Pina Smoothie? I know I am. Come join me in the blog kitchen for a delectable soap.

Pina Coladas are made from pineapple juice, coconut milk, rum and ice. I wanted a soap that would appear as if it had coconut milk and pineapple. What easier way to do this than by adding calendula petals to white soap? My hope in making this soap was that the melt and pour soap would continue to appear white while the calendula petals would make the soap appear as if there is pineapple in it. The first batch I made, I stirred to soap gently and immediately poured, the soap appears more white. When making a second soap I was distracted and I didn’t pour the soap immediately. (I have work induced A.D.D. I don’t think I ever get to do a project from start to finish without interupption. Some days, I even feel like a headless chicken with all of the running around that I do.) After about ten minutes I came back to the soap to pour it, to my surprise, the melt and pour soap was more yellow than white! I did expect the soap to color over time but the ten minute yellow was not what I expected to see. What do you think? Which do you like best, the white or yellow soap?

Collect Needed Materials:

Melt & Pour Soap, White
Pina Smoothie Fragrance Oil
Calendula Petals
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Ounces
32 ounces Melt & Pour Soap, White
.6 ounces Pina Smoothie Fragrance Oil
.2 ounces Calendula Petals
Recipe in Grams
907 grams Melt & Pour Soap, White
17 grams Pina Smoothie Fragrance Oil
5.5 grams Calendula Petals
Recipe in Percentages
97% Melt & Pour Soap, White
1.8% Pina Smoothie Fragrance Oil
.2% Calendula Petals

Weigh Melt & Pour Soap into a microwave safe. Heat gently until liquid. Stir in the Pina Smoothie Fragrance Oil and Calendula Petals. Pour soap into molds and allow to cool. Remove soap from mold and cut into bars. Enjoy!

Finished Soap. Don't they look yummy? Can you see the color difference between the two soaps? Which do you prefer?

Weighing Melt & Pour Soap

Melted Soap

Adding Fragrance

Adding Calendula Petals

Stirring Soap

Pouring Soap into Molds

Soap Cooling

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