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Scented Wax Figurines - An Elegant Way to Scent Your Home

Finished Wax Figurines

Finished Wax Figurines Aren’t they cute?!

Yesterday I shared how to make wax tarts. They are so simple and easy to do. However not everyone can or is comfortable using wax melters. Dormitories and apartments often have a ban on candles and melters. Not to worry! You can still scent your living space using a wax figurine. They are such an elegant way to softly scent your home.

Weighing Soy Wax

Weighing Soy Wax

I really like scented wax figurines because they not only add fragrance but can also add decor. If the wax figures are not producing much scent, place them by a window or heater vent. They will release more fragrance. It is also important to remember to place these wax figures on a pedestal where they can’t damage your furniture. You can even recycle and reuse something like an old pickle jar to layer these cute little figurines in! It looks great and smells awesome.

Soy Wax
Carnauba Wax
Mineral Oil
Conditioning Emulsifying Wax
Mulberry Fragrance Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
150 grams Soy Wax
150 grams Carnauba Wax
150 grams Mineral Oil
15 grams Conditioning Emulsifying Wax
35 grams Mulberry Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Ounces
5.29 oz Soy Wax
5.29 oz Carnauba Wax
5.29 oz Mineral Oil
.53 oz Conditioning Emulsifying Wax
1.23 oz Mulberry Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
30% Soy Wax
30% Carnauba Wax
30% Mineral Oil
3% Conditioning Emulsifying Wax
7% Mulberry Fragrance Oil

Weighing Carnuba Wax - Ack! I have run out of space!

Weighing Carnauba Wax – Ack! I have run out of space!

Weigh everything except the Mulberry Fragrance Oil into a microwave safe container. Heat until everything is liquid. Add the Mulberry Fragrance Oil and stir well. Pour the mixture into molds. Allow to cool. Remove from the mold and place on a stand. Admire and enjoy!

Transferring to a New Container

Transferring to a New Container


Adding Mineral Oil and Castor Oil

Adding Mineral Oil

Added Fragrance to Liquid Wax Base

Added Fragrance to Liquid Wax Base

Pouring into molds

Pouring into molds

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