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Season Change: Autumn Equinox

Autumn Leaves on a pond.

Autumn Leaves on a pond.

Today, autumn officially begins. While the weather has already started to cool down here in Northern Utah and I’m beginning to see pumpkin stands by the side of the road, I still think autumn hasn’t begun until the equinox. I love the cool weather, changing colors of the landscape and even breaking out my baking books for some new recipes. What is your favorite thing about autumn?

Now that I’ve given myself permission to think about autumn (Halloween is the only exception), I’m going to share some of my favorite scent blends that have me thinking of autumn. Let’s go check them out!

The Undead – I’m a vampire fan and this scent blend was my imagination’s response to the thought of what Dracula and his boxes of earth smelled like. This is a perfectly spooky scent that makes a great room spray before a Halloween party! I think this would also make a fun gag gift!

Halloween Treats – If you have ever walked down the candy aisle while the Halloween candy is stuffed onto the shelves, you know that “Candy Galore” scent. The one that is almost indescribable, yet has every kid drooling. This scent is a close mimic of a stuffed Halloween candy aisle. Sugary perfection without the calories!

Caramel Apple – Autumn isn’t just about Halloween! There are other things that are unique to this time of year in my head. Caramel dipped apples are one of those treats that are specific to autumn. This scent doesn’t have the spiced apple note that is so common with seasonal air fresheners and smells just like a freshly dipped caramel apple. Can you say yum?

If you are looking at these blends and saying “Andee, I don’t feel like making blended fragrances.” Don’t worry! I have some fantastic fragrance recommendations that don’t require you to blend anything! Here are some great autumn scents for you.

  • Autumn Afternoon Fragrance Oil – This fragrance is a fabulous woodsy scent with a little bit of damp earth. This masculine scent smells like clean, mountain forest air.
  • Berries & Twigs Fragrance Oil – This fragrance is always surprising! A combination of fruits with dry forest, this fragrance always smells like a autumn meadow.
  • Forks Fragrance Oil – Clean, green and yet not just a spring/summer fragrance. This fragrance is very unisex and makes a perfect bathroom soap.
  • Oak Leaves & Acorns Fragrance Oil – This woodsy scent is perfect for autumn as our homes transition from summer to winter. A fantastic scent that smells just like a walk in the woods after a rain storm the day before.
  • Welcome Home Fragrance Oil – I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Welcome Home. This spiced apple with evergreen is a perfect transition fragrance. Enjoy the weather as it changes and yet keeps your home smell like you have been slaving over the stove all day.
  • Wild Mint & Ivy Fragrance Oil A clean, herbaceous scent that doesn’t limit itself to room sprays. This scent makes a fantastic bar of soap!

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for a autumn themed product line. Check in tomorrow to see how we make a Caramel Apple scented soap!


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