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So Sensitive Lotion - Day 5: Reflections on the Finished Lotions

So Sensitive Lotion - Day 5: Reflections on the Finished Lotions

My first thought after finishing the first batch was that this lotion was not as thick as I’d wanted. I wanted something closer to a body butter consistency. I decided to give it a try anyway. Maybe we will love it!

Coconut Oil/Squalane formula.

The first batch used Coconut Oil and Squalane. It’s a nice lotion that felt quite fluid going on, then it changed to an oily feel just before it soaked in, leaving my hands feeling slightly greasy. However, like the avocado butter/oat oil formula, there was no problem with leaving residue on paper or anywhere else. And within a few minutes, the lotion was fully absorbed. My hands felt hydrated and smooth, and there was still a powdery glide when rubbing them together. An hour or so later, my skin still felt soft and hydrated. All residue was gone.

The second batch with Avocado Butter and Oat Oil was a bit thicker. That was not a surprise; I expected the Avocado Butter would do that. The color is slightly warmer thanks to the Oat Oil. You can see that in the side-by-side photos. It feels nicer on my skin than the Coconut Oil/Squalane. I think the difference is mainly the Avocado Butter.

Avocado Butter/Oat Oil formula.

It goes on fluidly and has a smooth, non-greasy feel. It absorbs readily and leaves a slightly tacky feeling on my hands. I’d like this version of the So Sensitive Lotion when working with fabric or yarns, and handling paper immediately after the application is not a problem. The slight tackiness makes it easy to grab a single sheet, yet there is no visible residue on the paper.

After a few minutes, my skin feels soft, hydrated, and a bit powdery as I rub my hands together. It is a very pleasant sensation, and I wanted to apply more. So I did, and I was happily surprised that a large pea-sized amount absorbed readily into my already moisturized hands. After an hour or so, my skin still felt soft and powdery smooth, and there was a bonus I had not expected at all. I’d had some itchy spots from handling hay (to which I apparently am allergic), and they no longer itch! The lotion has a nice body, and it remains firm after being dispensed into my hand, though it is not as firm as a body butter.

Bottom line, I’m happy with both formulations. My preference is the avocado butter/oat oil; my husband likes the one with coconut oil. He said his skin feels moisturized longer when he uses that one.

Though I packaged the lotion in a squeezable bottle with a disc top for dispensing (because that’s what I had on hand), I think it would be great in a Boston Round with a pump dispenser, which I will probably use in the future.

Avocado Butter/Oat Oil combo on bottom, Coconut Oil/Squalane combo on top.

Finished lotion tests with scrubby mitts and a bath pouf.

Finished lotion tests with scrubby mitts and a bath pouf.

I found exfoliating gloves at a local store, and I think they will be the perfect thing to apply this lotion before showering. (Be sure to thoroughly rinse the gloves after each use.) We have been using the lotion for several days (applying before and after bathing as described in Day 4), and we’ve not felt dry and itchy. I especially like using So Sensitive Lotion on my hands before doing dishes. I still feel the need to apply more after I get done, but my hands are not nearly as dry as they used to feel after washing dishes.

I hope you enjoyed this week of lotion for sensitive skin and learned a few things along with me. Let us know what you think of this series and if you try this formulation. Cheers!

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