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Summer Time Foot Bath

Yesterday I shared my latest foot cream formula with you for quickly pampering your feet at the end of the day when your feet just ache everywhere. I had been thinking and asked myself, “If I had more time at the end of my day to pamper my feet, how would I add to the routine?” After just a minute or so of thinking, I decided that soaking my feet in a bath would be fantastic. Now I just had to choose the ingredients of my soak.

I wasn’t sure which ingredients I wanted at first but after some careful consideration, I knew I wanted to use Peppermint Leaves, Epsom Salt and Milk Powder. With these ingredients in mind, I formulated a mixture to go in a tea bag.

I chose to add Peppermint Leaves because the Peppermint Herbal Teas that I have consumed in the past give a nice refreshed feeling to my throat. I figure that such a tea on my feet would leave my feet feeling cooled.

I’m using Milk Powder for this soak because I find a milk soak to be enjoyable. I know that sometimes my feet are rough and scaly. Ok, I know my feet are like that probably 90% of the time, but a girl can dream about having soft feet, right?

As Epsom Salts are well known for their soothing and relaxing properties, I knew that I wanted to use these salts. I love Epsom Salts for foot soaks because my feet always feel like a million bucks after their soak.

These soaks can be put in the small Heat and Seal tea bags if you don’t want it to be used in a large bath or you don’t want to remove particulate from between the toes. The smaller bag size allows for smaller “servings” and for the bags to be used in a bucket, basin, or tub, just for your feet.

Peppermint Leaves
Milk Powder
Epsom Salt
Spearmint Essential Oil
Microwave Safe Container
Dropper Bottle

Recipe: 600 grams or 21.16 ounces

Recipe in Grams
30 grams Peppermint Leaves
30 grams Milk Powder
537 grams Epsom Salt
3 grams Spearmint Essential Oil
Recipe in Ounces
1.06 oz Peppermint Leaves
1.06 oz Milk Powder
18.91 oz Epsom Salt
0.11 oz Spearmint Essential Oil
Recipe in Percentages
5% Peppermint Leaves
5% Milk Powder
89.5% Epsom Salt
0.5% Spearmint Essential Oil

Weigh everything into a container. I lined mine with a plastic bag for easy mixing and clean up. Weigh all our your ingredients. Mix. Pour into jars or tea bags. Enjoy!

Finished Foot Bath

Empty Beaker

Weighing Epsom Salt

Weighing Peppermint Leaves

Weighing Milk Powder

Adding Spearmint Essential Oil

Removing Bag from Beaker

Mixed Foot Bath

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