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Surprising and Fun Spider Loofas in Under 5 Minutes

Surprising and Fun Spider Loofas in Under 5 Minutes

Ok. I’ve been holding off on the fun Halloween projects, but I can’t wait any longer! I saw spider loofas when I was surfing the internet one day, but I couldn’t find any instructions or a credible source. Grab the kids, and let’s have some fun!

Funny spider loofas hanging out together for their next party!

So here are my easy instructions! I’ll be using loofas that I picked up from my local grocery store for under a dollar and 5 pipe cleaners (per spider) from my craft stash. The wiggly eyes are optional, but they make me laugh all that much more!

  • Simply fold 4 of the pipe cleaners in half and use the 5th pipe cleaner to hold the 4 pipe cleaners together at the bend.
  • Twist the 5th pipe cleaner a few times to help keep the legs in place.
  • Wrap the 5th pipe cleaner around the loofa and pull tight.
  • Twist the ends together and tuck down into the center of the loofa.
  • Now you can arrange the 8 sections of legs as you please!
  • Apply the eyes and pose your spiders next to your favorite soap!

Tutorial Photos:

Folding the 4 pipe cleaners in half and holding in place with the 5th.

Twist the 5th pipe cleaner around the loofa to secure.

Tucking the ends of the 5th pipe cleaner into the loofa.

Bending the 8 “legs” to my preferences.

I can’t believe I have to say this, but don’t forget to remove the pipe cleaners before you use the loofa!

I hope you enjoy this little project that you can do with the kids! For other fun Halloween projects, check out our other Halloween themed recipes.


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