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Wake Me Up Face Scrub Day 2

Here I am on Day 2 with the corrected recipe (or rather corrected way to do the same recipe). The only thing that I changed today was omitting the use of the Lemon Yellow color. The Pink Kaolin Clay has such a strong natural color so there is no point in using the yellow color.
Glycerin Scrub Base
Fine Dead Sea Salt
Pink Kaolin Clay
Fresh Fruit Salsa Fragrance Oil

Recipe: Yields 491 grams or 17.32 ounces.

Recipe in Grams
255 grams Glycerin Scrub Base
207 grams Sugar
23 grams Fine Dead Sea Salt
6 grams Pink Kaolin Clay
10 drops Fresh Fruit Salsa Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Ounces
8.99 ounces Glycerin Scrub Base
7.3 ounces Sugar
0.81 ounces Fine Dead Sea Salt
0.21 ounces Pink Kaolin Clay
10 drops Fresh Fruit Salsa Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
52% Glycerin Scrub Base
42% Sugar
5% Fine Dead Sea Salt
1% Pink Kaolin Clay

Shake the Glycerin Scrub Base well (if it is full it will be a nice work out for your arms). Weigh out all ingredients and stir. Let the clay sit for at least 10 minutes and stir again. I poured the mixture into a bag, tied it off, and cut a very small hole in the corner to squirt it into my bottles. I used the 1 oz LDPE bottles with the disk tops for easy squeezing. This is a nice refreshing scrub to use in the morning (or any time). I love the unique color that the clay brings scrubs, masks, etc.

The final product from today was much thicker and does not separate. I did a comparison picture to show what your product looks like when you do not use the Glycerin Scrub Base properly. It took the weekend for this much separation to happen. Who would want to pay for a product that does this? Not me. I prefer the one on the right.


Separation anxiety brings on a whole new meaning-gross!

Using Cuisinart chopper

Weighing ingredients

Check out the thicker texture

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