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Avocado Oil

SKU: 300-1272

INCI = Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil

Saponification Value: 187 mg KOH / g of Fat

Don't think guacamole when thinking of avocado oil; it is light in color and fragrance. Avocado oil is truly exotic. Try it in a gentle baby soap or maybe a shaving soap for true luxury! We often find avocado oil in expensive creams and lotions. Or, for the ultimate indulgence, try a massage oil with avocado oil.

Our staff voted avocado oil to be our favorite carrier oil.

Lotions and Creams: try 2 to 20%
Body and Lip Balms: try 5 to 30%
Bar Soap: try 3 to 12.5%

1 gallon weighs approximately 7.4 lbs; 5 gallons weigh approximately 37 lbs