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Potassium Hydroxide

SKU: 519-1232

Potassium Hydroxide is considered a hazardous material for shipping. We can only ship this item by UPS Ground. Please plan your order accordingly.

INCI: Potassium Hydroxide

Potassium Hydroxide for making liquid and paste soaps.

Do you want to make liquid soaps? What about cream soaps? Then you need potassium hydroxide! This caustic material helps convert fats and oils into soft soap. No matter how you learned the name of this material (KOH, potassium hydroxide or caustic potash), the key is knowing that you need this item to make handmade liquid or paste soap from scratch.

Our lye comes in solid form and will most likely be in a flake form. Sometimes the lye comes in bead form, but it is most often transported in a flake form. When the solid lye is added to water, the crystals dissolve, and the water heats up. When the water heats, it will steam and carry some amount of the chemical, so please avert your eyes and nose.

As you should always do, a pair of goggles and gloves are required. Some folks use a respirator and/or fume hood to take the steam away from humans. You know your work area, please be safe.

Go forth, make soap, be happy!

Please note: the 18 lb size will be a single box containing 9 canisters weighing 2 lbs each.