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At Home Spa - Yogurt



With me staying in China for so long, I have run into a few personal care problems. Where does a girl go for a good facial?! I miss being able to a have a monthly facial that is affordable. Here in China, facials tend to be very expensive and finding a place with outstanding reviews and is familiar with foreigners is a little difficult. So, this week I wanted to talk about some, quick, easy things to do at home that help with the upkeep so you can afford to have more facials, instead of facials being few and far between. So whether it is time, affordability or availability that keeps you away from the spa, you can now make sure you, your skin and your money can go the extra mile!

An at home spa

An at home spa

I wanted to start today with something that always seems to be in my refrigerator and makes a quick and easy mask. Drum roll, please. The product is yogurt! All you need is plain yogurt. How simple is that?

Yogurt helps smooth and moisturize the skin. The lactic acid in yogurt acts to make the skin smooth. It makes the skin look brighter by helping to remove dull, dry or dead skin. I love how this is something I always seem to have at home. All you need to do is massage a small amount of yogurt into the skin and wait for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Simple, right?

What else might you add to a yogurt face mask? I want to hear it!


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