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Bright Lemon Hand Scrub

Today I wanted to start off our hand repair kit with a hand scrub. With my hands being so dry, I really need to exfoliate the dead skin so that a moisturizer is more effective in hydrating and protecting the skin. Come join me for this quick and easy hand scrub!

I added Polysorbate 80 to this scrub to make it easier to wash it off and avoid a major hassle in the clean up.

I often use granulated sugar in scrubs, but if you feel it is a little too aggressive for your hands, I recommend that you put the sugar into a food processor and make it a little finer. Think more like a baker’s sugar, but without the expense. 😉

As a last tribute to summer, I wanted to use our Lemon Zinger Fragrance Oil. It is fresh, tart, and sweet. Of course, the beauty of making your own products is that you can choose any fragrance you would like. Due to the fact it is almost the New Year and we are gearing up for the winter to fully settle, what fragrances would you choose?



Sunflower Oil
Lemon Zinger Fragrance Oil
Polysorbate 80
Sweet Almond Oil


Microwave Safe Container



65% Sugar
24% Sunflower Oil
1% Lemon Zinger Fragrance Oil
2% Polysorbate 80
7% Sweet Almond Oil
1% Liquapar

100 Grams

75 grams Sugar
28 grams Sunflower Oil
1 gram Lemon Zinger Fragrance Oil
2 grams Polysorbate 80
8 grams Sweet Almond Oil
1 gram Liquapar

12 Ounces

7.8 oz Sugar
2.88 oz Sunflower Oil
0.12 oz Lemon Zinger Fragrance Oil
0.24 oz Polysorbate 80
0.84 oz Sweet Almond Oil
0.12 oz Liquapar


Measure everything into a container. Mix well. Scoop into containers. Seal, label and enjoy!


Finished Scrub

Mixing Scrub

Mixed Scrub

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