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Comment Winners! for the How Low Do You Go? Blog

Thanks to everyone that shared their comments and wonderful suggestions on the How Low Do You Go? blog. I’m so glad that there are others that share in my quirkiness… I mean thriftiness.

As I promised I have put all the names of everyone who commented on the blog into a bowl and randomly chose two of you. I have placed your names and comments below and I will be sending you an email to get your mailing address so we can send you some items from thesage.com and our blog kitchen.

Lori says:
OMG! That is so funny! I have a plastic soap dish in my bath tub for the soap I make especially for me. It is full of tiny wafers. I use my bars until they are so thin they break in two and then will try to get them to stick to the new bar so they won’t be wasted. In fact I think I have some smaller than yours. I guess I am “weird about the whole soap thing” also!

JimaLee says:
My grandparents were very frugal. I don’t know if it was living through the depression, growing up on homesteads, or just natural tendencies. Lengths of string were knotted together and rolled into balls. Aluminum foil got washed, flattened, stored, then used a second time. Nylons with ladders became stuffing. And scrappy bits of soap were saved and set aside. I was always interested in what my Grandfather was doing. So I watched carefully as he heated those soap scraps in a (used, re-purposed!) tin can until they melted. They were then poured into a mold and became a ‘new’ bar of soap. I didn’t think the ‘new’ bars were very pretty, but I was fascinated in the possibilities. So, yes, I save and re-purpose. And I use the slivers of soap until they slip through my fingers and disappear down the drain. I come by it honestly.

Thanks again for sharing your stories about your little bits.


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