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Freebie Friday!

I love doing Freebie Friday. It is a great way for customers to test a new fragrance with only a little sample. It is also wonderful to hear people email or comment say “I never would have tried this fragrance but it was absolutely wonderful.” or “This fragrance didn’t move me but my family/customers are always requesting this fragrance. Great job!”. I love hearing that. Here at MMS, we try to bring you only the best and it is rewarding to hear that our customers think so too! Come join me as we look at some wonderful fragrances made exclusively for soap and other toiletries.

The first fragrance on our list today is Eastern Amber Fragrance Oil. Whenever I open a bottle and take a big whiff, I am whisked off to exotic and mysterious lands. It reminds me of when I enter a Middle Eastern market that has a lot of incense and the odor envelops me. Yum. There is a rich scent of sandalwood, amber and musk. It is softened and round out by sweet jasmine and soft rose with a citrus & bergamot. This scent is extremely sexy and sensual. I love using in massage oils, candle melts and perfumes for special occasions. This scent is sweet enough to please women but dark and musky enough for any man to enjoy. A definite must try!

During the summer, one of my favorite things is a bowl of freshly sliced fruit with large variety. This is much like our Fruit Slices Fragrance Oil. Crisp apples, fresh cut pineapples, plump plums, ripe peaches, sweet nectarines and luscious pears with a hint of lychee and a twist of citrus. This a fun, fruity scent is a definite crowd pleaser. Young children to grandparents all close their eyes and say “YUM!” Request this fragrance in your next order today.

I love exotic scents. They are foreign, eccentric and fascinating. Lotus Fragrance Oil is one of those scents. It has a strong base of rich sandalwood, amber, sweet musk and vanilla. The top notes are of exquisite jasmine and fine rose tied harmoniously together by a chic patchouly. Oolala!

The next product on our list isn’t a fragrance oil, but an extract. That’s right! We are sending out samples of our Pumpkin Seed Extract. This extract is a delight to any lip balm or lotion maker. This enchanting oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6. Pumpkin is a fantastic stimulant for dull and sluggish skin. Add this extract to any of your current formulations and be prepared to have your socks knocked off!

Ginger, a spice with so many forms and uses. Pickled ginger, candied ginger, ground ginger, fresh ginger, ginger in Asian dishes, ginger in baked holiday goodies and even ginger in drinks! Whew. It is mind-boggling to think of all of the products that use ginger. Many of us take comfort in the scent or taste of ginger. Now, with our Ginger Fragrance Oil, you can enjoy this root as often as you would like.

Last on our list today is Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil. This spellbinding fragrance reminds me of when I was a little girl. My dad and I would walk along many of the trails that surrounded the fields near where he kept his bee hives. My minuscule hand would be enveloped in his work-hardened hand. Tall bushes of honey clover rimed the fields and the sweet scent filled the air. Honeysuckle reminds me of the honey clover I remember as a little girl but it isn’t syrupy sweet and it is a little more green. It is extremely refreshing and it makes me long for a warm summer day where I can walk hand in hand with my father as the sweet honey clover blooms and the bees buzz around us. Join us for a walk and try Honeysuckle today!

Remember, I will be sending 100 samples of each product to shipping. Request one in your next order! You won’t want to miss out!


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