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Fun & Easy Bath Bombs with the New Cherry Taffy Fragrance Oil

Fun & Easy Bath Bombs with the New Cherry Taffy Fragrance Oil

We just got in a new fragrance this week, and I have to admit that I’ve fallen in love with this sweet scent. I know that I like many different fragrance oils, and I’m always raving about some fragrance or another, but Cherry Taffy Fragrance Oil punches that happy nostalgia button!

A Cherry Taffy scented bath bomb with a bottle of fragrance.

I think I fell in love with Cherry Taffy because it reminded me of the fun cherry candies and NOT the cherry-flavored medicines of my childhood. (Cough drops and cold syrups… I’m talking about you!)

To me, this fragrance has a sweet yet tangy scent that smells of the candy shop I visited in West Yellowstone as a teen. I remember being mesmerized by the taffy pulling machine in the window, and even though I’m not a pink fan, the vibrant pink lightening into a pale pink as the taffy was stretched was fascinating. Now, this fragrance doesn’t have a hint of chocolate notes in it, so don’t think I’m crazy for missing the chocolate. There is a difference between a chocolate shop (chocolatier) and a candy shop. 😁

When trying to come up with a product idea to showcase the new Cherry Taffy, I wanted to choose something fun! While lotions and room sprays are easy, I thought bath bombs were a great way to channel the fun without being complicated. I pulled the old and reliable Chunky Bath Fizzies recipe out of our recipes section.

Check out the recipe, have some fun, and then relax! Use anything you want for a mold. I love little candy molds, but the one bath bomb I took a photo of was made using a meat-baller and a trick that Holly Port taught me. I’m sending about 60 bath bombs to shipping as a treat! If you want a sample, request one with your next order. I suspect they won’t be available for long!


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