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Luscious Rose Hydrosol Night Cream

Luscious Rose Hydrosol Night Cream

I’ll be making three facial products this week featuring Rose Hydrosol. This magical product has the light scent of fresh roses and is a wonderful ingredient for the delicate skin on your face.

Hydrosols are the water that is left after herbs are distilled to glean the essential oil. Rose Hydrosol is favored by those with sensitive or mature skin. (I’ll raise my hand for mature skin!)

Some benefits of Rose Hydrosol in skin care:

• Contains antioxidants.
• Has anti-inflammatory properties
• Rich in Vitamin C, which boosts collagen and prevents premature aging.
• Calming and soothing.
• Natural hydration.
• Clarifies skin and tightens pores.
• Can help prevent fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

That’s some heavy lifting for just one product! Today I’m going to use Rose Hydrosol as the liquid in a formula for an overnight facial cream.


Let’s have a look at some of the ingredients I’ve chosen.

Squalane is a natural moisturizer and lubricator of the skin; non-greasy.

Liquid Silk is a fabulous ingredient that helps skin retain moisture and promotes skin elasticity and a smooth complexion.

Jojoba Oil is an age-old beauty secret to glowing skin and contributes to a less greasy formulation.

Algae Oil (Laminaria Digitata Algae) has been claimed to help firm skin, repair dry skin, fight free radicals, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Matcha Green Tea Extract is a good anti-oxidant, anti-aging, sunburn protection, and skin-soothing agent.

Orchid Extract is a must-have because orchids have long been used for reparative and protective properties, moisturizing, fighting free radicals, and reducing the appearance of fine lines.


Rose Hydrosol Overnight Cream

70.2% Rose Hydrosol
5% Dimethicone
3% Glycerin
2% Squalane
3% Liquid Silk
5% Shea Butter
3% Conditioning Emulsifier
3% Jojoba Oil
2% Avocado Oil
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus
0.3% Vitamin E Natural
1% Algae Oil
1% Matcha Green Tea Extract
1% Orchid Extract


7.02 ounces Rose Hydrosol
0.5 ounce Dimethicone
0.3 ounce Glycerin
0.2 ounce Squalane
0.3 ounce Liquid Silk
0.5 ounce Shea Butter
0.3 ounce Conditioning Emulsifier
0.3 ounce Jojoba Oil
0.2 ounce Avocado Oil
0.05 ounce Liquid Germall Plus
0.03 ounce Vitamin E Natural
0.1 ounce Algae Oil
0.1 ounce Matcha Green Tea Extract
0.1 ounce Orchid Extract

100-gram test batch

70.2 gr Rose Hydrosol
5 gr Dimethicone
3 gr Glycerin
2 gr Squalane
3 gr Liquid Silk
5 gr Shea Butter
3 gr Conditioning Emulsifier
3 gr Jojoba Oil
2 gr Avocado Oil
0.5 gr Liquid Germall Plus
0.3 gr Vitamin E Natural
1 gr Algae Oil
1 gr Matcha Green Tea Extract
1 gr Orchid Extract

First 9 ingredients ready to be melted.


Combine first 9 ingredients in a microwave-safe container and heat using 30-second bursts until everything is melted. Use a high-shear mixing method such as an immersion blender to mix the ingredients.

Allow the mixture to cool below 120ºF (48ºC) before adding the remaining ingredients. Mix well using an immersion blender, then pour into jars. Leave the lids off for a few hours until the mixture has come to room temperature to avoid condensation.


This formula has a lovely (not overpowering) rose fragrance thanks to the Rose Hydrosol. The texture of the lotion is a lighter cream that absorbs quickly into the skin. There is enough slip and glide to easily coat the face before running out. A little dab goes a long way!

To use, wash your face thoroughly, then apply a small amount of Rose Hydrosol Night Cream and enjoy a night’s rest while the cream rejuvenates your skin!

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