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Get Creative in February

Get Creative in February

In November, we started doing something fun, but if you have not placed an order since then, you don’t know about it. We have revived our monthly newsletter, and we are sending a copy with every order that leaves our warehouse. The fun comes with a list of creative prompts on the back of each edition. The prompts are to help you step outside the box, challenge your brain, and see where your creativity can take you.

Let's get creative in February!We thought it would be fun to share the prompts here, and we’ll be making some products to go along with many of the days. If you’re not subscribed to our blog, please don’t wait! There are so many fun posts coming up that you won’t want to miss. Get our blog in your email by subscribing at blog.thesage.com/subscribe.

Creative Prompts for February 2019

1 Working Naked Day
No colors or fragrances – make naked soap!

2 Marmot Day
Marmots are vegetarians; how can you use a vegetable in your soap? Juice some carrots. Make some soap. Tomorrow we’ll use the pulp.

3 Carrot Cake Day
Make carrot pulp cake with this recipe. (We’ll share the recipe with you!)

4 Thank a Letter Carrier Day
They deliver packages from Yours Truly!

5 Nutella Day
Can you make soap with chocolate and hazelnuts? How about lotion scented with our Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance?

6 Chopsticks Day
Chopsticks are our favorite swirling tool! Make a swirled soap or learn a new swirling technique.

7 Oatmeal Cookies
May we suggest our Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil?

8 Cupid’s Dart Daisies
How does this flower inspire you?

9 Read in the Bathtub Day
Don’t forget a soothing tub tea or bath salts!

10 Make a new friend
Join a new creative group online or in person.

11 Drink more water
Soap & Water go together like PBJ.

12 Lost Penny Day
Get inspired by the color copper.

13 Shades of Blue
Ultramarine Blue can give you so many shades!

14 St. Valentine’s Day
Think botanicals in soaps, heart-shaped molds, shades of red, and sweet and floral scents.

15 Gumdrop Day
Sugar coated and colorful – can you turn that into a soap?

16 Almond Day
Have you tried our Almond Butter yet?

17 Random Acts of Kindness Day
You can never go wrong being kind!

18 Drink Wine Day
How about making wine soap? Or try our Champagne Sugar or Strawberries and Champagne fragrances.

19 Chocolate Mint Day
A classic combination in a lotion or lip balm!

20 Hoodie Hoo Day
A day to chase winter away! Do this with a tropical fragrance in soaps or lotions.

21 Fingerpaint
Use an in-the-pot swirl to mimic this artistic style!

22 Single Tasking Day
Practice focusing on just one thing today.

23 Ask a senior about their past
There is so much you can learn, and I’m sure it will bring a smile simply to be asked. 🙂

24 World Bartender Day
Can you turn a mixed drink recipe into a lip balm or lotion?

25 Buy coffee for a stranger
While you’re at it, offer a sample of a coffee soap. They could become a loyal customer!

26 Levi Strauss Day
Mr. Strauss revolutionized denim. Try a denim-colored soap scented with Cotton Fragrance.

27 No Brainer Day
Spend $200 and get free shipping. It’s a no-brainer!

28 Floral Design Day
Try a new floral scent and design a new product or product line around it!

What will you make today? Share your photos and comments each day. All comments and photos sent to our blog team (blog.thesage.com) will be entered into drawings held each week and at the end of the month. We have a series of prizes including $50 and $100 gift certificates, Perfumers Kits, and cool tools! Your comment must have your email address attached, or we can’t contact you! Email accounts are not made public.

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