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Gifts for the Cupboard - Bubble Bath Base

This is an easy product to use and it makes great gifts to give. My children and I got the Bubble Bath Gift Kit, we put together the bottles of bubble bath and labeled and my children gave the finished products to all of their friends for holiday gifts. This is a great time to use the Kit to create several items for my gift cupboard, I like to have these on hand for future holidays and this is a great time to restock the cupboard.

Items to Collect:
Bubble Bath Base
Fragrance of choice

or the easiest way to go is the Bubble Bath Kit, this kit comes complete with bubble bath base, pump, bottles, caps, and labels for a complete finished look.

The kit is super easy and we had a very fun afternoon putting these gifts together. The kids will love what they make and their friends love the great fragrances.

All you need to do is pump the Bubble Bath Base into bottles, add a fragrance and color, then we topped off with Bubble Bath and mixed thoroughly. We then labeled. That’s it! Super easy, fast, and a great product. I can’t wait for my next bubble bath!

Check the fragrance calculator to see how much fragrance to add to your size bottle.


Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath Paige choosing a fragrance

Bubble bath demo

Bubble Bath Base

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