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Karen's Easy Face Mask for Christmas Cupboards

French Green Clay is the base for this recipe.

French Green Clay is the base for this recipe.

Karen asked for some help to create a face mask for her daughter. Karen wrote: A mask and or pampering something for my daughter, who is 30 and gets monthly hormonal breakouts. She is sensitive to some fragrances. Something luxurious and soothing and cleansing would be wonderful. (She is a surgical resident and doesn’t have a lot of personal time.) I have all the basics, including French green clay, pink and red kaolin clay, blue Cambrian clay, vanilla bean seeds and ground rose hips. (I have a lot of stuff) Distance is a factor; she lives on the East coast and I live in Alaska. Might need a preservative.

Masks are very easy to make and we have an excellent recipe that will also work with the distance factor between Karen and her daughter. Let’s go make a simple face mask!

French Green Clay
Ground Vanilla Bean Specks

Sift the clay and measure 1/4 cup. Take a weight. Add in 1 tsp ground vanilla beans, take a weight. Now you will have a nice mixture that you can make dry and can make more, adjusting the recipe to suit her needs as she requests!

Usage Instructions:
Mix 3 tablespoons of the clay mask mixture with 1.5 tablespoons of water. Allow the mixture to sit for 5 minutes to completely hydrate. After 5 minutes, you can use the face mask by following the following directions.
1) Rinse face with warm water.
2) Rub a thin layer of mask onto your face.
3) Allow mask to dry on your face or at least 5 minutes with a maximum amount of time being 15 minutes.
4) Once the mask is dry, gently wash face with a warm and damp wash rag.

I hope this helps!


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