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Lip Balm Filling Trays – Day 3

I know I have been rather absent here on the blog. With Halloween here, and the rest of the holidays approaching fast, it is easy to get a little distracted! Ack! Today, I will be share what happens when you superheat your lip balm and pour it into the tray while it is too hot. Yikes. This may not be something you will want to duplicate in your own kitchen. Just come watch me and we will avoid disasters all around. 😉

I heated this container of lip balm for three minutes. Much longer than what I generally need to. A great and simple indicator if your lip solution is too hot is to stir it with a pipette. If the pipette can not hold its shape, your lip balm solution is too hot. Can you see how in the first picture the pipette can not hold its shape. This should have been a big warning to me that my lip balm was way too hot to pour! What did I do? I poured it anyway.

Now look at the big mess I have. The jar was so hot, I had to pour it very quickly causing it to splash everywhere. It also leaked out of the base of the lip balm tubes! Ack! Now I have a big mess. Had I waited a few minutes to let it cool, I wouldn’t have this huge mess. Now that I have made this mess, I have to decide if I want to salvage or discard. Ugh. What a disaster. Generally, when I am stressed and feeling behind, this is when I will find a chair, look at the chaos of the kitchen and have a good cry. By slowing down, and letting the lip balm cool we save ourselves time, and prevent an all out, big alligator tear cry session. Aren’t you glad this isn’t in YOUR kitchen?

Lip Balm Solution Ready to Melt

My highly technical heat indicator is telling me the lip balm is too hot to pour.

Pouring the lip balm too hot!

Lip Balm slowly cooling

Lip Balm cooling slowly

Cooled Lip Balm

Trying to remove tray unsuccessfully from spilled mess. 🙁

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