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Lip Balm Filling Trays – Day 4

Now we have learned some of the major don’ts that accompany using the Plastic Tom filling trays. Let me show you how this ideally should work.First, let’s gently melt the lip balm. We don’t want to super heat it. We want it to be warm enough to just have everything liquid. Here is when we can add any flavors or colors. Stir these items in well. Check your highly technical temperature indicator. Is the pipette straight and holding its shape or is it bent and collapsing? If the pipette is straight and holding its shape, you are ready to proceed. If not, allow the lip balm to cool for a while. I know it is tough waiting but you can clean the kitchen, do some laundry or even to jumping jacks. Just save yourself time, product and most importantly, your sanity.

Once the lip balm is cool enough, slowly flood the top of the lip balm filling tray. Don’t go so fast it spills over the edges! Notice how in the picture I am not pouring directly into one tube. This prevents it from spurting out of the tube and splashing. (Ack! It is a lip balm volcano!) When pouring the liquid lip balm, you will want to target for the space in between the tubes so it can gently flood the tray and drain down into the tubes. Pour all of the lip balm into the tray. (Note: If you are formulating your own recipe, 50 regular tubes or one tray holds 10.08 ounces of lip balm. This is equivalent to 285.76 grams.)

Allow the tray to fully cool. You will want it to be firm before you start to scrape the top layer of lip balm from the tray. (We use plastic putty knives. These are wonderful and very easy to clean. Plus they are fairly inexpensive at your local hardware store. 😉 ) This will insure you have a smooth top and when you remove the lip balm tubes from the tray, you will have beautiful, straight raised tops on all of them. Yea! How perfect. 😉


Gently Heated Lip Balm

Using my highly technical temperature indicator to check to see if the lip balm is ready to be poured.

Slowly flooding the lip balm filling tray.

Allowing the filled lip balm tray to cool.

Cooled tray scraped off with a plastic putty knife.

Finished Lip Balm. Can you see those beautiful tops? 😀

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