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New Lemoncello Fragrance Oil!

LemoncelloI have always dreamed of traveling to the Mediterranean and visiting Greece and Italy. While I still haven’t arranged a trip to go there, our new Lemoncello Fragrance Oil is the next best thing!

Lemoncello is an Italian liqueur that is made by infusing lemon zest into distilled grain alcohol. The zest is later strained off and the liqueur is mixed with simple syrup. This gives the alcohol a slight cloudy appearance. Lemoncello is popular because of the fresh, lemony flavor without being tart or bitter.

Soap made with our Lemoncello Fragrance Oil

Soap made with our Lemoncello Fragrance Oil

Once our Research and Development Department announced that we would have a Lemoncello Fragrance Oil, I did a lot of reading about it. There are some amazing articles out there ranging from the origin and history of lemoncello to how to make it yourself. Did you know that while in the U.S. Lemoncello is often used as a flavoring agent in cocktails, in Italy it is served in small chilled glasses after a meal? This is also known as a digestivo. How cool is that?

When I got my first sniff of our Lemoncello Fragrance Oil, I was struck by how smooth and fresh it smelled. There are no bitter or sour notes that I normally associate with things like lemonade. It smelled more like a citrus grove or a box of freshly picked lemons. Wow! I am in love.

I have already made my Silky Smooth Hair Detangler and a batch of soap using the Lemoncello Fragrance Oil. I can’t wait to make lotions, bath salts and room sprays. Yummy!


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