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Shea Body Lotion


Finished Shea Body Lotion

Today I wanted to make a medium weight body lotion featuring the Semi-Solid Shea Oil. I wanted it to be a little thick in the jar without being overly heavy or making the skin excessively slick. I was looking for something that would make the skin feel soft and smooth without leaving spots of oil on clothes.

Weighing Emulsifying Wax

Weighing Emulsifying Wax

Semi-Solid Shea Oil is truly spectacular at keeping the skin soft and hydrated. In this formulation, the Semi-Solid Shea Oil keeps the lotion feeling light while keeping the skin moisturized. This lotion is perfect for applying after a shower.

I also used Coconut Oil in this lotion. Coconut Oil gives this cream an easy spread-ability. When making a body lotion, I like to make sure that it helps with the application process, rather than slowing it down. Coconut does that due to its melt temperature.

Weighing Stearic Acid

Weighing Stearic Acid

Finally I had to choose my fragrance. I decided on White Ginger and Amber Fragrance Oil. This is one fragrance that I think doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The vanilla makes it sweet and cozy while the amber makes it sensual and sexy. Ginger adds a hint of exotic while soft floral notes make it exquisite yet familiar. I think I might make this my autumn scent. What is on your list of potential fragrances?

Emulsifying Wax
Stearic Acid
Coconut Oil
Semi-Solid Shea Oil
Liquid Germall Plus
White Ginger and Amber Fragrance Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
20 g Emulsifying Wax
20 g Stearic Acid
20 g Coconut Oil
40 g Semi-Solid Shea Oil
12 g Glycerin
2 g Liquid Germall Plus
2 g White Ginger and Amber Fragrance Oil
284 g Water
Recipe in Ounces
0.71 oz Emulsifying Wax
0.71 oz Stearic Acid
0.71 oz Coconut Oil
1.41 oz Semi-Solid Shea Oil
0.42 oz Glycerin
0.07 oz Liquid Germall Plus
0.07 oz White Ginger and Amber Fragrance Oil
10.02 oz Water
Recipe in Percentages
5% Emulsifying Wax
5% Stearic Acid
5% Coconut Oil
10% Semi-Solid Shea Oil
3% Glycerin
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus
0.5% White Ginger and Amber Fragrance Oil
71% Water

Weighing Coconut Oil

Weighing Coconut Oil

Weigh everything except the Liquid Germall Plus and White Ginger and Amber Fragrance Oil into a microwave safe container. Heat in short spurts until everything is liquid. Using an immersion blender, mix the lotion well. You don’t want to see any oil rising to the surface. If you do, continue to mix until there is no separation.

Weighing Semi-Solid Shea Oil

Weighing Semi-Solid Shea Oil

Once the lotion is mixed, allow it to cool. I like to come back every few minutes and stir it with a spatula. Once the lotion is under 120° F, add the Liquid Germall Plus and White Ginger and Amber Fragrance Oil. Stir well.

Mixing Lotion

Mixing Lotion

Once I have stirred in my preservative and fragrance oil, I like to scoop the lotion into a plastic bag so I can pipe in into jars. Think of piping frosting onto a cake. This makes it much faster to fill my containers and it minimizes the amount of clean up I need to do. I am all about quick and easy!


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