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So Sensitive Lotion - Day 2: Sensitive Skin Ingredients

So Sensitive Lotion - Day 2: Sensitive Skin Ingredients

Sensitive skin is a common problem. Many skin care products are created specifically for sensitive skin, but they tend to be terribly expensive and perhaps not quite what is desired.

In my quest to make a lotion that would pamper dry and sensitive skin, I took the basic ingredients from yesterday’s blog and added a couple of specialty ingredients. With guidance from our staff experts, these are the ingredients that I brought home.

Squalane. Our skin naturally produces a version of this ingredient (called squalene), but the production and amount retained in the skin decreases over time. As our skin produces less squalene, it becomes more vulnerable. Enter squalane, a cousin to squalene that locks in moisture and gives back some of the suppleness and protective abilities our skin had in youth.

Calendula Oil Extract. The petals of the calendula flower are prized for skin care and have long been recognized as anti-inflammatories. I wanted this lotion to have great properties, so calendula oil extract was a natural choice. Calendula is a valuable asset for sensitive skin.

Orchid Extract. This ingredient is often used in high-end beauty products. Orchids are prized in Asia for repairing and protecting skin while moisturizing and fighting free radicals. Orchid extract is gentle to skin, and a little bit goes a really long way.

Oat Oil. This is a luxury oil that does wonderful things for the skin! Oat oil is rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids along with antioxidants, glycolipids, and high levels of ceramides. Ceramides are a long chain of lipid molecules that are praised for their moisture-retention capabilities, and 50% of the human skin is composed of ceramides. Using oat oil allows the skin to replenish ceramides. Many skin care products contain colloidal oatmeal, which has properties similar to oat oil. Oats are a skin superfood!

No matter which additives you choose, you can enhance your lotion’s performance and treat the skin to many different beneficial compounds. Do you have a favorite additive to make your lotion extra special? Share your favorite additive below to help inspire your fellow lotion makers!

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