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The Greatest Lanolin Butter! (In my opinion)

Cooled Butter on my finger

One of my favorite recipes that I just keep coming back to is this Lanolin Butter. We have already featured this on the blog before.My feet can get really dry and cracked. (Part of that is because I hate to wear shoes.) However, it can get so bad that I will refuse to put on socks because of the tugging and snagging. In fact, last night they were even catching on my blankets. Argh. That is one sure fire way for me to get a very bad night of sleep. 🙁 (Please forgive the sleepwalking zombie here.)

Cooled Butter in Jar

I like to apply a generous amount to each foot in the morning and then put on my socks. This way, I prevent tracking the salve all over the place and it gets worked into my feet as I walk around for the day. By then end of the day, when I go to take my socks off, my feet are softer, smoother and far more supple than when they were that morning. Whew! Relief is only a day away! Come join me in the kitchen as we try to combat dry hands and feet with this wonderful lanolin butter.

Oils ready to melt

This balm/salve like butter is good for cracked hand and knuckles as well. Do you have dry elbows? Try this recipe! I really enjoyed it when it was scented with our Chai Latte Essential Oil blend. Mmm, it was so yummy smelling.

Collect needed items:

Shea Butter, Refined
Colorless Jojoba Oil
Vitamin E Acetate
Liquid Glycerin, Vegetable Derived
Conditioning Emulsifier
Microwave safe container for weighing ingredients
Transfer Pipettes
Containers for the finished products

Recipe: (Makes 8 fl oz)

Recipe in grams for 8 fl oz
112 grams Lanolin
56 grams Shea Butter, Refined
31 grams Colorless Jojoba Oil
5 grams Vitamin E Acetate
50 grams Liquid Glycerin
5 grams Conditioning Emulsifier
2.59 grams Optiphen
Recipe in ounces for 8 fl oz
3.95 ounces Lanolin
1.98 ounces Shea Butter, Refined
1.09 ounces Colorless Jojoba Oil
0.18 ounces Vitamin E Acetate
1.76 ounces Liquid Glycerin
0.18 ounces Conditioning Emulsifier
0.09 ounces Optiphen
Recipe in Percentages
43% Lanolin
21% Shea Butter, Refined
12% Colorless Jojoba Oil
2% Vitamin E Acetate
19% Liquid Glycerin
2% Conditioning Emulsifier
1% Optiphen

Adding Optiphen

Weigh all ingredients except the Optiphen into the microwave safe container. Microwave using short bursts of time. Stir after each burst to help melt the Lanolin without making the temperatures too hot. It took my batch a total of 2 minutes in the microwave with stirring every 45 seconds or so. Stir until all of the ingredients have been mixed together thoroughly. Allow the mixture to 160° F before you add your preservative. Stir in your preservative and package off into containers. Enjoy!

If your Lanolin is very stiff and hard to get out of the container feel free to microwave it for about 30 to 45 seconds to warm the Lanolin enough to scoop it easily.

I would recommend that you put this butter into a jar. It is really hard to get out of bottle!

Filled Jars

You can also find this recipe in our Recipes Section in the Lotions, Creams & Other Things Section under Tina’s Lanolin Butter.


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