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Basic Bar Soap

This recipe is the basic recipe that we use to test fragrances, colors or other additives.


    4 oz Coconut Oil or Palm Kernel Oil (See Comments...
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Lemon Poppy Seed Soap

Okay, I will admit it. I LOVE spring. I spend all of my time making spring themed products and I bake up a storm. I was browsing through one...
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Chocolate Soap


    8 ounces hydrogenated soybean Oil
    6 ounces coconut oil
    2 ounces olive oil
    1/4 ounce unsweetened baking chocolate
    1 Tbsp cocoa powder
    2 ounces...

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Energy Soap

Her is a new recipe to try for an easy lathering soap.


    7 ounces Aloe Butter
    3 ounces Castor Oil
    9 ounces Palm Oil...
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Stephanie's French Green Clay Soap


    2 ounces Aloe Butter
    6 ounces Coconut Oil
    15 ounces Olive Oil
    10 ounces Palm Kernel Oil
    3 ounces Shea Butter, Refined

    12 ounces Spring Water
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Warm Vanilla Sugar Soap with Aloe Extract

This recipe highlights the usage of Aloe Extract.


    8 oz wt Avocado Oil
    8 oz wt Aloe Extract (calculates as canola oil)
    16 oz wt Palm...
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Green Tea Soap with Grapeseed Oil

I wanted a soap recipe that could highlight the beautiful color of the grapeseed oil. The introduction of our Green Tea Fragrance Oil seemed to be just the perfect...
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Bountiful Butters


    12 ounces Aloe Butter
    3 ounces White Cocoa Butter
    2 ounces Mango Oil
    2 ounces Mango Butter
    16 ounces Olive Oil
    9 ounces Palm Oil
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Summer Cool Down

I swear that my personal stash of soap is being raided my gnomes, fairies or something like that. I looked for soap and found that I was down to...
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Winter Sunshine Soap

Here in Northern Utah, this winter has started off in a very typical way. But now we have had three weeks of cold, cold temperatures and lots of fog and...
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How Does Your Garden Grow - Swap Winner

'Country Lavender' was created by Wanda Pirson, our first Canadian swap winner. Wanda's lavender soap wooed even the anti-lavender gal we have around the warehouse (Tina). I absolutely loved the...
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How Does Your Garden Grow - June Swap Winner

Helping Hands - Garden Soap

Shary Fuller of Celestial Creations was one of the two winners in the \'How Does Your Garden Grow\' soap swap. Sharyl's soap was adorable, it...

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