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Bottoms Up Day 2

Bottoms Up Day 2

Today I am working on refining my first formulation for the Bottoms Up Balm.

The second Bottoms Up Balm formula contains Soy Wax, High Melt Point Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Lanolin, Cherry Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, and Calendula Extract.

To recap yesterday’s notes, I need to reduce the peculiar odor and color and make the formula a little more viscous.

To start, I am going to drop out the Neem Oil and reduce the percentage of Tamanu Oil, which will have a twofold effect. It will temper the strong smell, and it also will alter the undesirable color of the balm.

I am also adding some Soy Wax to thicken my mixture.

I want to produce a fluid ointment that doesn’t need to be rubbed in, merely spread on the skin as a barrier to prevent further irritation to sore bums. We all know what a product with good quality ingredients can do for any skin ailment or need, and I really want my ingredients to do all the work with an easy application.

HMP Shea Butter
Aloe Butter
Soy Wax
Cherry Oil
Tamanu Oil
Calendula Extract
Microwave Safe Container


Grams (makes 100 gr)
32 grams HMP Shea Butter
30 grams Aloe Butter
10 grams Soy Wax
8 grams Cherry Oil
5 grams Lanolin
5 grams Tamanu Oil
10 grams Calendula Extract
Ounces (makes 4 oz)
1.28 ounces HMP Shea Butter
1.2 ounces Aloe Butter
0.4 ounce Soy Wax
0.32 ounce Cherry Oil
0.2 ounce Lanolin
0.2 ounce Tamanu Oil
0.4 ounce Calendula Extract
32% HMP Shea Butter
30% Aloe Butter
10% Soy Wax
8% Cherry Oil
5% Lanolin
5% Tamanu Oil
10% Calendula Extract

Hard oils together before heating. The Soy Wax is on the bottom.

Liquid Oils before heating.


Carefully weigh all ingredients except the Calendula Extract in a microwave-safe container. Melt in short bursts (30-45 seconds) and stir in between to prevent the mixture from overheating.

The Soy Wax takes a long time to melt, so be patient. The stirring will help reduce the amount of time needed in the microwave.

This is what the mixture looked like after one minute in the microwave. After stirring, the Soy Wax was still not melted.

After heating the mixture for another 30 seconds, the Soy Wax still looked solid. However, stirring quickly melted the wax.

Once the mixture is completely melted, it will be extremely hot and will be a clear yellow-green color. Keep a close eye on it while it is cooling. The mixture should not become hazy before you add the Calendula Extract, because this will interrupt the long set up and cooling process. Once it is just warm to the touch, add the extract and then pour immediately into containers. Do not disturb until it has finished solidifying and cooling; overnight should do it.

Pouring the finished mixture into jars.

Bottoms Up Balm, day 2, hardened.


I enjoyed this formulation over yesterday’s creation. The odor was much lighter (just a hint of Lanolin and Tamanu), and the texture was soft and creamy. It could easily be applied to a sore bum with minimal effort – just about the right viscosity!

I feel like the color still needs work. It turned out a bit greenish-yellow. Better than yesterday, but why settle? Tomorrow I will see what I can do about the color!

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