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Doggy Dozen Products for March 2016!

Whoops! It’s the second day of March and I need to get you the products that will be part of the Doggy Dozen Program.

PawPrintOnce again, I had a tough time picking the Doggy Dozen even with feedback from our team. I hope you enjoy these 12 items that I picked with spring, happiness, and rejuvenation in mind. If you are like me, you have a dog or cat that you love to cuddle with and what better reason to celebrate that love? If you don’t have a furry friend to cuddle with, I’d recommend checking out your local no-kill shelter to find a new furry best friend! Ready for the list of products that will help dogs and cats? Drum roll please!

  • Ogre Green Lip Balm Tube Caps
  • Peach Kernel Oil
    • This is one of my favorite oils for lotions and creams. When we first introduced it to the catalog, I couldn’t come up with a many reasons to use it. Now, I love using this light weight oil! My all time favorite recipe is the Light Gift Lotion. I promise you will love the recipe and the oil!
  • Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil
    • This luxurious oil is vibrant orange in the bottle and makes some great attention grabbing lotions, creams, lip balms and even soaps! One of our favorite recipes that uses this oil is Brian’s Hand Butter.
  • Sesame Oil
    • I can’t decide if I prefer Sesame Oil in a massage oil or a blooming bath oil. This oil feels great on the skin and doesn’t have an odor! I’ll leave my toasted sesame oil for cooking and enjoy this oil for pampering myself!
  • Chocolate Mousse Fragrance Oil
    • If you are a chocoholic (yes, we do exist), then this is the perfect fragrance for you! Easter is at the end of March and instead of putting chocolate bunnies in everyone’s Easter baskets, give them a Chocolate Mousse lotion bar or cream instead. More pampering and less candy!
  • Just for You Fragrance Oil
    • Something about spring makes me think of cheerful spring bouquets and sending flowers to one of my best friends. Just for You is a sweet floral that makes me smile! Take a deep breath and think spring!
  • Angel type Fragrance Oil
    • Angel is one of those fragrances that has a loyal following and everyone has their own reasons for loving it! This fragrance is perfect for any perfume lover and they will want an entire matching set from you!
  • Rain Orchid Fragrance Oil
    • If you are looking for a fragrance that has floral, fresh and ozone notes, look no further. Rain Orchid has been in our catalog since 1996 and it is a staple for so many of our customers. Try it and we think you will love it!
  • Ivy Extract
    • This extract is luxurious and I’ve had a few customers call to tell me it makes the best shaving soaps and their husbands swear by it! While I can’t verify their comments, I know that I love Ivy Extract in lotions and creams!
  • Green Tea Extract
    • This extract might seem a little “normal”, but don’t overlook it! This extract is often used in creams and hair care. I love using this extract in Taylor’s Silky Smooth Hair Detangler!
  • Cucumber Melon Flavor Oil
    • Are you like me and a little tentative about trying this flavor at first? Don’t worry! This flavor is one of my favorites and I think it should be called Tutti Frutti!
  • Bubble Gum Flavor Oil
    • When I was a little girl, my Easter basket always had some bubble gum in it. There were some specific brands that I thought were better than others and if my basket contained my favorites, I’d have to hide it from my mom! (I didn’t realize mom had her own stash of gum in her desk.) This flavor brings back all of those great memories without the sore jaw!



P.S. Supporting local programs like Four Paws is fun. Check your local yellow pages for a shelter or rescue group. Find a friend to bring home or help support them with time, services or donations. They truly value every little bit!

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