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Farmers Market Inspired Products - Plums

Farmers Market usually brings to mind fresh, locally-grown produce; but what else can you find? Some of the markets in my area also offer organic fruits and vegetables, fish, grass fed beef, local cheeses, bakeries, gifts, local and regional arts and crafts, music and performance art, antiques, imports, gourmet foods, and flowers. What a fun way to get out and enjoy your local community events and bring home some great finds.

Another option to bring home some great produce and food products is to find a local community food co-op. A food cooperative, or food co-op, is a food distribution outlet organized as a cooperative where the food is chosen by its members. This is an alternative way to purchase great produce. I have recently joined one in my area and they have great options and a variety of locations for pick ups. I joined and paid my minimal fee at the beginning of the week, then on Saturday I picked up my produce. Since I started I have been eating more fruits and veggies all week. My kids think we have no food in the house but it’s a great start to healthier eating. I even got my mom and sister to join! This week features pineapple AND peaches. Yum!

Today I am inspired by the great plums that I got from my food co-op, not only do they taste sweet and wonderful, but I think I can make a fantastic plum-inspired Goat Milk Cream with Pluot Fragrance Oil.

Collect needed items:


Goat Milk Cream Base
Pluot Fragrance Oil
Bowl and mixing spoon
Container of choice, I’m using 16 oz PET Jar and lid

Measure out 16 oz of goat milk cream base into bowl. Using pipette measure out 2-4 ml of Pluot Fragrance Oil. I decided to add in a bit of liquid color to get a light peachy-pink tint to my cream. Mix thoroughly and spoon into jar, label. That’s it! Easy like pie.

What items are you wanting to see in your farmers market? Share with us your inspirations!



Adding in Fragrance Oil

Goat Milk Cream and Fragrance

Adding Color

Adding color!

Goat Milk Cream



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