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Fran's Avocado Oil Lotion

Technical suport received a phone call from Fran asking for help to formulate a lotion for dry skin. She lives in Colorado so her climate is similar to ours, a high mountain area with less oxygen per cubic foot and very dry, dry air. (By the way, did I mention it is dry here?) What can one do? Moisturize baby, moisturize. Let’s head for the kitchen for a moisturizing lotion to combat the dry days of summer that are before us.

I used a variety of oils known to aid in fighting dry, itchy skin. (Particularly in dry arid climates. (Isn’t that that a little redundant?) 😉 ) First, I knew I wanted to use Tamanu Oil. Though it does contribute a nutty aroma, it continues to amaze people by the results, that includes myself. I know, in a pinch, Tamanu is there for me and always provides amazing results for dry skin. Hmn. I have a little tune in my head. “Shoo dry skin, don’t bother me. Shoo dry skin, don’t bother me. Shoo dry skin, don’t bother me, for I belong to somebody. I feel like a morning star!” Okay, I may not be a song writer but you have to admit that is pretty silly.

Camelina Oil is also beneficial not only because of how shelf stable it is, but because Camelina is said to help to repair cells and improve the elasticity of skin. Isn’t that what dry skin needs? Also known as the Gold of Pleasure, Camelina Oil in this formulation is sure to have you enjoying being in your own skin again. (Perhaps you might even get some help massaging this cream into your skin.) 😉

As a formulator of lotions and creams, you have to ask what type of skin you are formulating for. The problem with dry skin is that dry skin can happen to anyone, no matter if their skin is oily or not very oily. How does one work around that? We use Avocado Oil! Avocados, also known as Alligator Pears, produce a luxurious oil that pleases people on both sides of the skin type fence. (Could we call it a bipartisan oil?) What a great oil to have in your line of products. Don’t believe me? Request a sample of Fran’s Avocado Oil Lotion.

I also added Hydrovance to the formulation. Hydrovance is better at combating dry skin than even Glycerin. Soft, baby skin will be yours to claim all day! While I have been typing, I have been massaging a small sample into the back of my hand. My hand (which is rough from gardening and other work) is so soft and silky, it almost rivals my Grandmother’s skin. (I don’t know a woman who has softer or silkier skin than my Grandmother. She is always using lotion on her hands and you can tell.) I have never been so excited to get off of work so this sample and I can have a spa date. Ohh. A bubble bath with an excellent cream afterwards has never sounded so good. Is it time to go home yet? Sigh. Let’s head to the kitchen to make this dreamy cream before we get ahead of ourselves.

Collect Needed Items:

Calendula Oil
Evening Primrose
Tamanu Oil
Avocado Oil
Emulsifying Wax
Steric Acid
Camelina Oil
Microwave Safe Container
Immersion Blender
Containers for cream


Recipe in Grams
21 grams Calendula Oil
35 grams Evening Primrose
14 grams Tamanu Oil
35 grams Avocado Oil
35 grams Emulsifying Wax
35 grams Steric Acid
35 grams Camelina Oil
35 grams Hydrovance
483 grams Water
7 grams Optiphen
Recipe in Ounces
.71 ounces Calendula Oil
1.23 ounces Evening Primrose
.49 ounces Tamanu Oil
1.23 ounces Avocado Oil
1.23 ounces Emulsifying Wax
1.23 ounces Steric Acid
1.23 ounces Camelina Oil
1.23 ounces Hydrovance
17.04 ounces Water
.25 ounces Optiphen
Recipe in Percentages
3% Calendula Oil
5% Evening Primrose
2% Tamanu Oil
5% Avocado Oil
5% Emulsifying Wax
5% Steric Acid
5% Camelina Oil
5% Hydrovance
69% Water
1% Optiphen

Weigh everything except the Optiphen into a microwave safe container. Heat gently until liquid. Using an imersion blender, mix the solution together. Stir occasionally while the lotion cools. When the lotion has cooled to below 120 F, the Optiphen can then be added. Stir well and pour into containers. Enjoy!

Note: I did not add a fragrance to this lotion. If you would like a fragrance, add it with the Optiphen in this recipe.


Finished Lotion

Weighing Oils

Weighing Stearic Acid

Weighing Oils

Heated Lotion

Mixing Lotion

Mixing Lotion

Adding Preservative

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