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Illipe Nut Butter Lip Balm

Illipe Nut Butter Lip Balm

Yesterday, I introduced you to Illipe Nut Butter, and today I’m sharing a recipe featuring this luxurious butter. In this recipe, the rich emollient properties of the Illipe Nut Butter are combined with some of our other favorite oils for lips. Let me tell you about the rest of the oils!

I think this lip balm would look great in a clear tube with a burgundy lid! It’s too pretty to hide in an opaque container, but that’s all I had!

Castor Oil is added to give viscosity to the lip balm, and it does a great job protecting lips. Castor Oil also helps extend the time of lip moisturization and decreases the number of times you need to apply the lip balm.

Babassu Oil gives a silky glide and a soft skin feel. I also like that Babassu Oil is considered to be a fast, skin-penetrating oil for superb skin moisturization and protection.

Hemp Oil helps moisturizes dry lips to prevent severe chapping with its high content of essential fatty acids. Since Hemp Oil also reduces the greasy skin feel of a product, it is excellent for a lip balm!

Aloe Extract is my favorite for all skin care and lip balms are no exception. Aloe Extract is noted as an emollient skin conditioning ingredient that also helps skin repair and can provide anti-inflammatory properties. Can you say perfect for soothing chapped lips?

High Melt Point Shea Butter provides all the excellent properties of Shea Butter while helping prevent the from lip balm fractionating in your pocket or while being shipped. Using the High Melt Point Shea Butter also gives our lip balm a creamier feeling when applied.

Join me to make some lip-loving balm!

Yellow Beeswax
Babassu Oil
Illipe Nut Butter
Hemp Oil
Shea Butter, High Melt Point
Castor Oil
Aloe Extract
Blackberry Pomegranate Flavor Oil
Blue and Red Oil Soluble Lip Balm Color
Clear Small Lip Balm Tubes and Burgundy Caps or Daisy Butter Pots
Microwave-safe container or Double Boiler
Flexible rubber scraper
Small stick blender
Lip Balm Filling Tray


100 gram test batch
fills about 25 small (0.15 oz) lip balm tubes
20 grams Beeswax
10 grams Babassu Oil
15 grams Illipe Nut Butter
25 grams Hemp Oil
15 grams Shea Butter HMP
10 grams Castor Oil
7 grams Aloe Extract
3 grams Blackberry Pomegranate Flavor
qs blue and red oil-soluble lip balm color
20% Beeswax
10% Babassu Oil
15% Illipe Nut Butter
25% Hemp Seed Oil
15% Shea Butter, HMP
10% Castor Oil
7% Aloe Extract
3% Blackberry Pomegranate Flavor
qs blue and red oil-soluble lip balm color


Weigh all but Aloe Extract, flavor, and color in a microwave-safe container. Heat in short bursts until all oils and wax are melted, stirring to melt the last bit when most of the solid ingredients are melted. Alternately, heat the ingredients in the top of a double boiler over gentle heat until fully liquid. Add Aloe Extract and Blackberry Pomegranate Flavor; stir well.

Oils weighed and ready to be melted.

Filling lip balm tubes after coloring melted lip balm.

To color, dip the tip of a toothpick into the first jar of oil-soluble lip balm color, and stir it into the melted oils. I found it necessary to use a small stick blender to get the color fully incorporated. Then add the second lip balm color, using the same toothpick method. You don’t need much color to tint lip balm, and you can’t take it out if you overdo it. Go slowly. I had to add another toothpick tip’s worth of red to reach the color I wanted.


If you don’t need 50 tubes of lip balm, you can still use the lip balm filling tray! I placed tubes in each of the four corners to stabilize the tray, then I inserted the number of tubes I’d need all at one end. I poured carefully into each tube rather than flooding the entire tray. It’s great to use the tray because I don’t have to worry about knocking my tubes over while I’m filling them. (I’m kind of clumsy.)

While I was pouring the balm into tubes, I thought this lip balm would look great in our Daisy Butter Pots, so I grabbed a few of them to fill. The texture of this lip balm is very nice! It is thick without being overly stiff, and it glides on so smoothly. My lips are a little chapped today. This lip balm feels so soothing and deeply moisturizing. It also passed the pocket test, remaining firm after several hours in the front pocket of my jeans. I’m giving it two thumbs up!

What are your favorite lip balm ingredients and flavors?

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