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Halloween Treats: Bloody Body Wash

Halloween Treats: Bloody Body Wash

In October, I love curling up with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and other vampire books while I sip a cup of tea. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys haunted houses or scary movies, but vampire stories have appealed to me since my introduction to Dracula as a teenager.

A finished bottle of Bloody Body Wash ready for labels.

A finished bottle of Bloody Body Wash ready for labels.

One of my default Halloween costumes has been a vampire, and I’ll happily pull out a bottle of fake blood for this costume. While talking with Katy about ideas for Halloween themed bath goodies, I was excited to come up with the idea of a “bloody” body wash. I wanted to use enough color to get a blood red soap, but not stain the hands.

Come join me in the blog kitchen with a Water Soluble Colorant Kit, some Body Wash Base, and your favorite fragrance! We’ll quickly whip up a batch for Halloween party favors and even as little non-food treats for the kids out trick-or-treating.

Body Wash Base
Exotic Potions Fragrance
Purple Raspberry Dye, premixed with water *
Lemon Yellow Dye, premixed with water *
Grape Dye, premixed with water *
1 gallon Pump
1 oz Dropper Bottles
Containers of your choice (I used 8 oz Boston Round Bottles and Black High Viscosity Pumps.)

Recipe: (Makes approximately 8 fl oz or 236 milliliters)

Recipe in volume:
8 fl oz Body Wash Base
2 mL Exotic Potions Fragrance
~ 24 drops Premixed Purple Raspberry Dye
~ 18 drops Premixed Lemon Yellow Dye
~ 4 drops of Premixed Grape Dye

*To get my premixed colors, I mixed 1/2 tsp of dry dye with 1 fl oz of water. If you purchase the Water Soluble Colorant Kit, you will get a 1 oz dropper bottle for each color.

Fill your bottle halfway with Body Wash Base. Add your color and fragrance. If you gently swirl the bottle, the color and fragrance will start to incorporate with the Body Wash Base. Now you can add the rest of the Body Wash Base to bring the contents of the bottle up to the shoulder. Trim the stem of the pump to fit your chosen container and then cap and shake well. This will finish mixing the color and fragrance. If you want more color, feel free to add more until you get your desired color. The Body Wash will have a cloudy appearance at first, but if left alone for a few hours, the bubbles will rise to the top and leave your finished product transparent.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!


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