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Summer Fun with the Kids: Room/Body Sprays


Finished room sprays

Since I had a gaggle of kids hanging around making all this really fun stuff, I thought that room/body sprays would be another fun project to do. The hardest part about making room/body sprays is deciding which fragrance to choose. While the kids took their time sniffing each fragrance and picking out one or two that they wanted, I collected the supplies.
Ingredients Equipment


Finished adding water and ready for capping

I love these trigger sprayers because they are a 12 oz bottle and come as a complete set. If you want to use other bottles sizes like the the 1 oz or the 2 oz PET bottles with a spray head, don’t let me stop you! These are great sizes to have in your purse, car or at your desk at work. I love the one I stashed in my purse because you never know when you might need a room spray while out and about! Think hotels, public restrooms and even outhouses!

Once we chose the fragrances we wanted, I had the kids line the bottles up for filling. We added 5 grams of Polysorbate and 5 grams of fragrance to each bottle, swirled the bottle to combine the fragrance and Polysorbate and let it sit for a 1-2 minutes. Then we topped off each bottle with warm water (about 11.5 oz). After filling the bottles, we placed the trigger spray heads on the bottles and tightened the closure. We gave our bottles a few shakes to ensure our room sprays were mixed and then put some simple labels on the exterior of the bottles. That was easy!


Supplies collected and ready for assembly

Remember to spray carpets or fabrics only, as these sprays can make hard floors slippery and we don’t anyone to get hurt. If your house only has hard floors, spritz a paper towel or fabric hand towel and hide under or behind any piece of furniture. Your room will smell just as fabulous!

Happy room/body spray making!


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