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Doggy Dozen Products for May 2016

Doggy Dozen Products for May 2016

Wow! Tomorrow is the first day of May! Are you ready to learn about the products for our Doggy Dozen Program? I’m so excited to share these with you!

PawPrintSince spring gardening season is here, I picked twelve items that are perfect for lotions, creams and other moisturizer products. I always end up with shredded hands and cuticles after a good gardening session. Ready for the list of products that will help dogs and cats? Drum roll please!

  • 2 oz Round Base Jars, Size 58
    • A 2 ounce jar is my favorite for creams. I have two at my desk, one on my vanity and one in my purse! I love the size because it lasts just long enough for me to still like the scent and cream before getting bored.
  • Spa Mint Medley Fragrance Oil
    • This fragrance has had a loyal following for years! I think it is perfect for any spa line or relaxing products! Try it today and get relaxed!
  • Frosted Cupcakes Fragrance Oil
    • I have to admit it; I’m addicted to Frosted Cupcakes Fragrance. I love to bake and this fragrance makes me just as happy as when I have flour in my hair, baking chocolate smeared across my cheeks and the aroma of cookies and brownies floating throughout the house.
  • Punch Party Fragrance Oil
    • It’s time to start thinking about summer and this fragrance is at the top of my list for summer fragrances! I think it smells just like the sugar laden punch bowl of my childhood and I don’t have to worry about the red mustache or the crash after the sugar buzz!
  • Sunflower Oil, High Oleic
    • Sunflower Oil makes fabulous lotions, cuticle jellies, massage oils and more! I don’t think this oil feels very heavy so it my go-to for sugar or salt scrubs.
  • Black Cumin Oil
    • If you haven’t ever had a chance to try Black Cumin, I highly recommend that you do! It makes a fabulous addition to lotions, creams or salves. I might make a new batch of Gardner’s Hand Therapy and use this oil!
  • Liquid Germall Plus Preservative
    • If you make lotions or creams, you know that a preservative is important! Every formula may have different preservative needs, but we use a fair amount of Liquid Germall Plus for the blogs we write.
  • Orchid Extract
    • I think this is our favorite extract for lotions and creams. The noted reparative and protective benefits are icing on the cake for me. A little bit goes a long way and gives your products lots of label appeal!
  • Cyclomethicone
    • Cyclomethicone can be used for more than just dry oil sprays! I’m of the firm opinion that it also makes fabulous lotions for the soft talc-like feel that it adds. It is also a great addition to conditioners for the help that it provides to hair.
  • Hydrovance
    • Another favorite lotion making product of mine, Hydrovance is an amazing long and short term humectant! No matter if you are in a dry, arid climate or a warm, humid climate, lotions with Hydrovance feel like they moisturize longer. Who wouldn’t want to apply a lotion or cream a once, twice or three times a day instead of every few minutes? That is the power of Hydrovance.
  • Isopropyl Myristate
    • Reduce the greasy feeling of any lotion by adding 1-3% of Isopropyl Myristate to your recipe. This emollient is terrific at providing a velvety feeling on the skin without breaking the bank!
  • Conditioning Emulsifier
    • You can’t exactly make lotions or creams without an emulsifier, so we’re giving you a great one to play with! Our Conditioning Emulsifier makes amazing lotions, creams, conditioners and even lotion bars! We’re always trying something new with this emulsifier.



P.S. Supporting local programs like Four Paws is fun. Check your local yellow pages for a shelter or rescue group. Find a friend to bring home or help support them with time, services or donations. They truly value every little bit!

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