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Men's Daily Lotion with Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil

Since Father’s Day is later this month, I decided that I wanted to make a daily lotion for those special men in my life. I was inspired to use Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil as I’ve learned from several men that they like using products made with this brilliantly colored oil. Let’s go see what ingredients I decided to use for this formula.

I chose Sesame Oil as the main oil for this lotion because I really enjoy this light weight oil and I was sure most men would too! Sesame Oil is also noted to be nutrient rich and I thought it was a perfect ingredient for most men.

I added Cyclomethicone to give the lotion spreadability and help reduce any oiliness.

I wanted to ensure that my cream wouldn’t separate, so I used Emulsifying Wax as my emulsifier.

I decided to use Hydrovance as my humectant for the long term moisturizing. You can use any humectant of your choice, so don’t feel limited by my choice!

Our long time readers know that I love adding extracts to lotions, so don’t find yourself surprised that I had to add two extracts! I chose Pumpkin Seed Extract and Orchid Extract for their reputed abilities to stimulate and rejuvenate skin, fight free radicals, and more!

Liquid Germall Plus is one of my go-to preservatives because it has a low required usage rate. (Which means money saved!) It also is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients so I don’t have to worry as much about a failed preservative.

A lotion for men needs a masculine scent, so I decided to use one of my favorite masculine scents, Woodland Ice Fragrance Oil. I think it smells like a man in the woods and oh so yummy!

Should we go make this fantastic men’s lotion? Let’s go!

Collect needed items:

Sesame Oil
Emulsifying Wax
Pumpkin Seed Extract
Orchid Extract
Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil
Woodland Ice Fragrance Oil
Liquid Germall Plus
Microwave Safe Container
Containers for finished cream (I used the 10 mL Lip Balm Jars.)
Completely cooled lotion on my finger.

Completely cooled lotion on my finger.

Weighing the ingredients.

Weighing the ingredients.

Lotion in a jar under natural lighting.

Lotion in a jar under natural lighting.

Recipe: (Makes 3.53 ounces or 100 grams)

Recipe in ounces:
2.12 ounces Water
0.71 ounces Sesame Oil
0.18 ounces Emulsifying Wax
0.18 ounces Cyclomethicone
0.11 ounces Hydrovance
0.11 ounces Pumpkin Seed Extract
0.07 ounces Orchid Extract
0.04 ounces Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil
0.02 ounces Woodland Ice Fragrance Oil
0.02 ounces Liquid Germall Plus
Recipe in grams:
60 grams Water
20 grams Sesame Oil
5 grams Emulsifying Wax
5 grams Cyclomethicone
3 grams Hydrovance
3 grams Pumpkin Seed Extract
2 grams Orchid Extract
1 gram Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil
0.5 gram Woodland Ice Fragrance Oil
0.5 gram Liquid Germall Plus
Recipe in Percentages
60% Water
20% Sesame Oil
5% Emulsifying Wax
5% Cyclomethicone
3% Hydrovance
3% Pumpkin Seed Extract
2% Orchid Extract
1% Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil
0.5% Woodland Ice Fragrance Oil
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus

Weigh all ingredients except the additives (Liquid Germall Plus, extracts and Woodland Ice Fragrance Oil) into a microwave safe container. Heat in the microwave using short time bursts until everything is melted. Blend the ingredients to a smooth, creamy consistency using the immersion blender. Add the additives once the temperature drops to approximately 120° F in the mixing bucket. Stir gently until completely mixed. Pour into containers and allow to cool completely before labeling.

Lotion Notes: This is a light lotion that is easily rubbed in and quickly absorbed and yet leaves the skin feeling amazing all day, which makes it perfect for most men. I really have enjoyed applying this lotion after I’ve gotten out of the shower because I can apply, get dressed and go! Jerry even tried this lotion and said that it felt good on his skin. (This comment is a big thing because he prefers body cream style moisturizers!)

You should try making this lotion and see what the men in your life say!

Photo Note: I made this batch of lotion and after I finished, I discovered I had an oil smudge on the camera lens! Ack! Unfortunately, this meant that all the photos I had taken of the process were horrifically blurry. Please forgive the limited number of photos for this post and I’ll make sure my camera lens is clean at the next shoot!

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